School Consultation


What is school consultation?


  • Sometimes, behavioral, emotional, and social

    difficulties may impact a child or adolescent's ability to fully access

    academic curricula and build positive relationships. School consultation is a form of           assessment that will help to determine if there is an underlying social or emotional issue that         may be affecting your child's ability to perform in school. 

  • School consultation may be helpful for students in preschool through high school.


What does school consultation look like?

  • The plan varies depending on the individual needs of the child or adolescent. Generally, the assessment will involve separate meetings with the parents, the child, and the school team. A classroom observation may be conducted when appropriate. 

  • A report will be generated that summarizes the findings and gives appropriate recommendations to the school and to the parents.

  • Sometimes, follow-up meetings with the school and teachers may be helpful. Additionally, attending individualized education program (IEP) meetings may also be warranted.


How much does a school consultation cost?

  • Cost will vary depending on the amount of time spent overall. Please contact us for further information.