Testing and COVID-19

Just like in most fields, COVID-19 has affected how neuropsychologists work. Our tests were designed to be administered face to face without the use of PPE. The pandemic has forced neuropsychologists to either move toward remote administration or utilize a combination of PPE and social distancing. Both methods affect the validity of the tests used. 

At Newton Neuropsychology Group, we have created a window between two offices that allows for administration of measures without PPE in a safe manner. While this is not exactly how the tests were designed to be administered, we believe that this method minimizes any validity concerns. Some tests do need to be administered face-to-face and in this case, PPE will be utilized. If you or a member of your household are immunocompromised or prefer a fully remote option for any reason, that is also something that we offer.

Additionally, all clinicians have been vaccinated. All offices are equipped with HEPA air filters.